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Urban Sprawl!

Unsafe Road Conditions

Stop the Tax Hikes!

We need to maintain our SMALL city charm. This requires repurposing current wasted spaces instead of developing endless urban sprawl. At the end of the day, citizens are paying for the burden of uncontrolled growth with increased utility bills, flooding, and higher taxes. Our neighborhoods should be zoned according to guidance from local EMS, police, fire and citizens, rather than special-interest groups & out-of-state development companies.  

County council should hold developers accountable for new construction & congestion on narrow roads. Car accidents and congestion in the district are rising exponentially due to poor zoning, terrible roads, and irresponsible drivers. We need to fill the potholes, increase the fines on red-light runners, and STOP REALLOCATING ROAD REPAIR FUNDS TO OTHER PROJECTS!

Read my lips: "no new taxes." Previous councils have carelessly gifted huge tax breaks and handouts to any corporation that requested them, and in the end they dug themselves in a hole so deep, they were forced to raise property taxes on homeowners for the first time in 30 years, and even proposed an ordinance to stop funding libraries and museums! No more backroom deals and handouts at the expense of the local taxpayer!


May 24, 2024

Our first town hall forum! 

Last night, I attended a small gathering at the Hughes Main Library. It was moderated by Deborah Manning, former newscaster and NPR radio host. The forum was organized as a community discussion, so rather than the candidates talking at you or debating, we answered and asked questions of all sorts. The atmosphere was cordial, inviting and friendly, which is missing in many political arenas! In attendance were local guardians ad litem, volunteers with the police department and voters who were eager to inform candidates of the issues that matter most to them! I learned a lot from attendees and other candidates, and I look forward to continuing this work in the community long after June 11th has passed. 

Currently we are in the process of organizing more town hall forums. If you have a clubhouse, picnic area or church fellowship hall, consider reserving the space and meeting your candidates and neighbors today!

February 24, 2024

Why are the primaries so important?


If you wait until November to cast your vote, your choice of representation has already been made for you. This year district 22 constituents will choose their national, state level and local representatives on June 11th, and these candidates historically run unopposed in November. Make your voice heard in the primaries!

February 15, 2024

What does County Council do for Greenville?


Greenville County Council is a 12-person elected board of representatives that manages a budget of $785,000,000 and represents you to 2,192 employees tasked with supporting our quality of life. County council decides if the golf course behind your house is developed into an industrial area, shopping center, or apartments for rent. The budget covers everything from salaries, parades, festivals, libraries, museums, land conservation, rec league sports, county parks and rec, the animal shelter, solid waste, first responders, safety, Christmas decorations, stormwater management, bridges, roads and signage, the jail, victim advocacy and much, much more! 

February 10, 2024

When are the primaries?


If you've never heard of a primary, it's understandable. They're not well advertised, and only about 8-10% of citizens regularly receive calls and letters asking for their vote. Early voting runs for two weeks after Memorial Day (301 University Rdg Ste 1900 Greenville, SC 29601), and the primary is Tuesday, June 11th.

Website Link:  Home - SC Votes - South Carolina Election Commission

February 18, 2024

What is a FILOT?

A Fee-In-Lieu-Of-Taxes is a strong incentive to encourage economic growth and development in South Carolina. Each county council (including un-elected board members) can discount at their discretion the taxes a new company pays for up to 50 years in the future. This system allowed the wonderful revitalization of the SC economy after the textile crash in the 90s! 


What's the issue? Today, anyone who asks for a FILOT gets one. They're no longer reserved for the best industries that supply large numbers of jobs, but rather to special interest groups. The county has granted so many FILOTS (even after the Comprehensive Tax Cut Act of 2022) that they've had to increase property taxes for residents and are considering doing so again. This system desperately lacks transparency and accountability. 

Can homeowners, small businesses and existing businesses qualify for FILOTS? 99% of the time, no. (SC Code § 12-44-110 (2022))

February 5, 2024

Where can I learn more about voting and where to vote?

Greenville County Board of Voter Registration & Elections!

Address: Greenville County Square

301 University Ridge, N-1000

Greenville, SC 29601-3668

Phone: (864) 467-7250

Website Link:  Greenville County Board of Voter Registration and Elections

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